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About Us:


Vancouver First Church of the Nazarene is an intergenerational, intercultural faith community located in the Dickens area of the Kensington - Cedar Cottage neighborhood in East Vancouver. Vancouver First Church has been a part of this community since 1948, when the church facility was originally built.   Even though we are part of a global family as a Church of the Nazarene at our core is a desire to be a community church meeting the needs of people in our neighborhood.  A number of the families who attend the church live in the area. 

We are a family friendly church, we welcome people of all ages and enjoy providing special programs for children.  We are also a church that welcomes people with disabilities, both physical and mental.  VFCN is a welcoming congregation, informal, and relational.  Our gatherings on Sundays and at other occasions are about people as much as they are about anything else.  Sunday services are a balanced blend of both formal worship and informal community togetherness - coffee time happens after the service every week.  

As a church community we recognize that many people are interested in spirituality but not necessarily in church.  It is our goal to provide a place and space for people to safely explore what it means to be a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.  We welcome those who are interested in embarking on a faith journey together.